Macroeconomics 3rd Australian Edition by Anne M. Garnett


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Macroeconomics 3rd Australian Edition by Anne M. Garnett

ISBN: 9781486010233 ? 9781486011735

The core ideas of economics remain unchanged: opportunity costs, demand and supply, comparative
advantage, marginal analysis, the role of the entrepreneur in markets, aggregate demand and aggregate
supply, the importance of long-run economic growth to rising living standards and the role of economic
incentives in the design of policy. What does change is the context in which lecturers and instructors
present these ideas in class and the policy debates of the time. In the past few years, to take just a few
examples relevant to macroeconomics, we have witnessed renewed policy debate on issues such as
education, immigration and the environment, experienced the wide-spread economic contractions and
recessions that followed the global financial crisis, and debated the effectiveness of economic policies
aimed at minimising the impact of these contractions and recessions. This new edition helps students
understand these changing economic realities.


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